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Kleersight Plastics specializes in pharmaceutical packaging solutions meticulously designed to meet the stringent requirements of the industry. As procurement managers at pharmaceutical companies, you understand the critical importance of sourcing reliable and compliant packaging solutions for your products. Our extensive product line features pharma-grade polybags and pharmaceutical pouches, meticulously manufactured using ISO-certified resin to ensure unparalleled quality and performance. With Kleersight Plastics, you can rest assured that your medical-grade packaging needs are handled with the utmost expertise and precision, guaranteeing integrity and safety at every stage of the process.

Kleersight Plastics has established itself as a leading provider of medical packaging solutions, catering to both domestic and international pharmaceutical markets. Our specialization lies in the production of high-quality custom-made Pharma grade poly bags meticulously tailored for the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing process. These poly bags are expertly crafted using specialized resin, ensuring optimal performance and strict adherence to industry regulations.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance and product excellence. Our products boast FDA approval and maintain an active Drug Master File (DMF) with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), providing you with the assurance of regulatory compliance and product safety. With Kleersight Plastics as your trusted partner, you can rely on our dedicated expertise and FDA-approved solutions to meet your packaging needs with confidence and peace of mind.

Drug Master File bags
  • Drug Master File (#9522) on record with the FDA
  • Full lot traceability for all raw materials and shipped products
  • All production is in accordance with cGMP guidelines
  • CoC provided and sent with each order shipped
  • EF923SG resin is USP and EU compliant

  • Rolls can be made on PVC cores to eliminate any contamination from corrugated cores
  • Bags are double lined in cartons with DMF polybags to eliminate any debris from the corrugated boxes
  • On-site quality control audits available
  • Full Quality Control manual available for review of SOPs
  • Made in U.S.A.

Westlake Chemical
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