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Pink Anti-Static Layflat Bags – 4 Mil

Pink anti-static refers to material made with special additives or treatments that dissipate static charges designed to prevent the buildup of static electricity. It is commonly used in industries where static electricity can cause damage to electronic components or create safety hazards.                                      

Here are a few common applications: 

  • Electronics Manufacturing: Pink anti-static packaging is used to store and transport sensitive electronic components like integrated circuits, circuit boards, and computer chips. It helps protect these components from electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage.
  • Cleanrooms: Cleanroom environments, such as those in semiconductor manufacturing or pharmaceutical industries, require anti-static materials to prevent static charges from disrupting sensitive processes or contaminating products.
  • Automotive Industry: Pink anti-static coatings or mats are used in automotive assembly lines to prevent static buildup during the manufacturing and handling of electronic components, such as airbag modules or control units.
  • Medical and Healthcare: Pink anti-static materials are used in medical devices, instruments, and packaging to prevent static discharge that could potentially damage sensitive electronic components or affect their functionality.
  • Explosive Environments: Industries dealing with flammable substances or explosives use pink anti-static materials to minimize the risk of static sparks causing ignition or explosions.
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